Pacific Networks - Connecting the Pacific to the World
  • Satellite Communications
Our strategic consulting services include:

     Operational Strategy
     Outsourcing and Restructuring
     Cross-Enterprise Innovation
     Sales and Channel Strategy
     ITC planning for Government
     GSM Backhaul design and planning
     NVNO Operations and planning

Managed by skilled professionals, the Pacific Networks management holds numerous years of senior positions in renowned companies with over 30 years of experience. Today we provide an in depth knowledge and a global contact network to implement technological solutions, and market entry strategies.

Clear strategies and action plans are critical to aligning organization resources in productive directions. Pacific Networks designs, facilitates, and implements strategic visioning processes tailored to your needs. We provide our customers with expert advice, complete solutions and project management across a wide range of service and ITC sectors that help you visualize, and act upon, the changes ahead for you and your organization. We are equipped to supply any manner of consulting and facilitation to meet your needs.
Interim Management Services

Our interim officers plunge deeply into your company's internal structure to provide the solution with senior executives and project managers on how to successfully operate within the organization. The process can be quite diverse and include operations, finance, sales & marketing, human resource and manufacturing. Providing leadership with clear vision of the desired end; managing change and working with those within the organization to achieve it is our aim and end result.

Our goal is to provide you with the right combination of ability, drive, sensitivity and communication skills to help you achieve management objectives as well as provide an opportunity for skill transfer to your team, thus creating sustainable growth no matter how great the challenges.

Our role is not limited to filling a short-term position, rather it is to provide companies undergoing change the best possible chance to prosper and grow. Quality, transparency, and integrity are the values that are at the core of what we do.

We help companies build and manage their global footprints to meet their bottom-line objectives with strategic consulting focused on innovative operations management. We will work with you to ensure your company builds a global strategy that allows for expansion into the right markets and selection of the appropriate operations to globalize.