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Disaster Recovery Services

A Simple Solution for a Complex World

To handle the issues of scale, cost and complexity, Pacific Networks has an innovative membership model called Pacific Networks Emergency Systems. If you have a disaster, Pacific Networks will deliver recovery elements: Broadband Internet and Voice, Data Services, Connectivity. This disaster

recovery solution works for all businesses and includes everything you need to get back up and running and reconnected to those who depend on you. Pacific Networks memberships begin at $275 per month.

About Communications Recovery Solutions

At Pacific Networks, we believe every business regardless of size should have access to disaster recovery and business continuity services that are simple, affordable and easy to use.

Pacific Networks understands that without your Communications you are out of business you need your Telephone service and Internet, to keep your business open and running

Pacific Networks with 21 years disaster recovery and business continuity experience. We are dedicated to creating and delivering innovative business continuity solutions that challenge the traditional industry barriers of scale, cost and complexity. As such, we provide comprehensive, packaged recovery solutions, consulting services and testing options to businesses across the United States and Worldwide.

Our mission is to keep you connected to your customers, vendors, employees and community.

When an event happens, Pacific Networks will be there to help your business survive. Getting your Communications back in business is the overriding passion of Pacific Networks.

Monthly membership pricing can save you thousands compared with other disaster recovery programs. You pay just a low monthly membership fee. Then, in the event of disaster you pay just for the actual recovery costs, which are often covered by Business Interruption insurance, no disaster declaration fees. No disaster alert fees. No daily usage fees for the first 30 days.
Our success rate is 100 percent and we will do whatever it takes to keep it there.

Communication Basic Service ($295/Month):
    -  Flyaway Satellite self contained system
    -  Up to 1 MB of Internet service
    -  Power generation included
    -  Six [6] Telephone lines [ unlimited USA calls International per minute ]
    -  Testing (Additional $95/month)

Communication Deluxe Service ($850/Month):
    -  Flyaway Satellite self contained system
    -  Up to 2 MB of Internet service
    -  Power generation
    -  Twenty four [10] Telephone lines [ unlimited USA calls International per
        minute ]
    -  Testing included

Communication Super Service ($2,500/month):
    -  Flyaway Satellite self contained system
    -  24 seat mobile office / or Tent with tables and chairs
    -  Up to 6 MB of Broadband Internet service
    -  Power generation
    -  Phone and Internet connectivity for 24 seats [ unlimited USA calls
        International per minute ]
    -  Testing included

Testing Services
The best way to measure your business continuity plan and disaster recovery preparedness is to put it in motion and test it. Pacific Networks will help you conduct annual testing for a wide range of critical functions to meet practically any compliance requirements.

We have developed a systematic test experience that will:
      Ensure employees are comfortable with the recovery process
      Document and validate specific restoration steps
      Identify your critical systems and verify their recoverability
      Send Alert Notifications via email and text to lists of employees,
       customers and vendors
      Upload and store critical documents such as insurance policies,
       product warranties, data back-up procedures and more
      Specify resource needs at time of recovery
      Develop an internal communication strategy
      Identify and store vital supply-chain contacts
      Input, update and store fixed-asset inventory information