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  • Satellite Communications
Teleport Services

These services are leveraged from our 25 years of experience delivering satellite-based, VSAT circuits, C-Band and Ku-Band.

Transponder Space Segments - World-wide Services

      Up linking and down linking
      Colocation third-party hosting services
      All types of Satellite services worldwide
      iDirect VSAT HUB service or SCPC services
      Turnkey Satellite Solutions
      Oil, gas and mining industries services
      Disaster Response supply Fly Away units for Disaster Recovery

International Teleport Services

Pacific Networks provides C-Band, Ku-Band and VSAT point to point or hub services for private networks enabling dedicated connectivity.

Click here for examples of existing service from Miami, Florida.

Click here for examples of existing service from Pearl City, Hawaii.

Additional Information

Pacific Networks currently repairs over 50 VSAT items a week. Our facility is equipped with the latest RF and telecommunications test equipment. We offer over the air ranging and BER testing, power and frequency tests, and equipment cleaning and refurbishment.
Our technicians have many years experience with:

      Pacific Networks offers satellite transponder brokers of capacity.
      Full-time service for C-band and Ku-band transponder capacity is
      Satellite bandwidth brokerage sales agents for VinaSat 1 are available.

Customers can have their own satellite platforms colocation the teleports and have immediate access to Internet backbone network. With 24x7 monitoring and operations support provided by a team of experienced operating and engineering staff.

Marine VSAT

Commercial marine, fishing, government, and offshore industries realize cost effective voice and broadband data communications solutions at sea. IP-based VSAT services enable unlimited voice and fax, corporate networking, always-on Internet connectivity and real-time video for a fixed monthly fee, not dependant on usages.

Oil, Gas and Mining

In the oil, gas and mining industries, productivity is everything. And when communication between the on-site crew and headquarters goes down, so do profits. That's why as more and more businesses take their energy explorations offshore and into extremely remote areas, they are counting on Pacific Networks, to provide seamless, reliable and mobile satellite communications.

VSAT allow geologists and subject-matter experts working from headquarters or regional offices to be virtually connected to the operations at the remote mining location. With real-time data fax services and other types of information transfer, multiple drill sites can be monitored and analyzed simultaneously without having to travel to each location. This saves valuable resources, energy and your budget.