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VOIP Gateway Partner Program

Gateways are the entry point whereby a conventional call is routed through the Internet.

Investing in gateways, as an Internet Service Telephone Provider will make available the following revenue streams:

  Internet telephone service.

  Pacific Networks Gateways have an automatic billing system, which allows the project developer to bill all end users like the    traditional telephone company does. (All done automatically and transparent to the callers). Gateways are being established    throughout the world but many key territories are still open.

  Gateway owners' networking. Through global VOIP network with other Pacific Networks Gateway owners, the Investor is able to    offer his local customer a complete solution for international calls international calling card with the cheap phone rates.    Therefore, each Gateway owner will gain the most profit and eliminate the competitors in the telecommunication field.

Wholesale Traffic Minutes - World-wide Services

Pacific Networks has direct termination to the following countries for Wholesale Carriers:

Cambodia         Philippines
Laos                   Vietnam